Imagining being in a room presenting to the followers of my creative projects (or they are your bosses!)

I’ve been so busy that I have let a few things go to the wayside, one of which being my Star Wars newsletter that I have grown organically to just under 50 subscribers. When I have been thinking about what I should be doing I imagined those almost 50 in a room or that they are bosses waiting for a bit of work – I think that has stopped me posting so much, I am feeling some overwhelm.

I’m not sure if I am alone in thinking this way but it has helped me get a grip on where my priorities are in terms of creative outlets. At the moment mine are (in order of followers):

  • This blog at > 1000 readers a month (and many more via RSS)
  • My YouTube at 85 subscribers in which I mostly post shorts as they line up with my capacity to create right now
  • My newsletter at 46 subscribers

This might not look like when comparing to others (something I do too much, which then discourages me to create) but I am very conscious that every single person has made the effort to click that subscribe button somewhere.

This thinking has at least helped me forget about doing a solo podcast again and not take too much on – concentrating on these three projects.

Any thoughts?

Here are my creative links if you would like to support my work (LJPUK | YouTube | Discussing Star Wars).

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