Is the iPhone 12 Pro still worth buying in 2023?

I wanted a second screen for my YouTube recording setup, something to give me another angle. I looked at cameras and decided that I’d go for an iPhone. My main phone is a Mini and creating shorts was a little too small for me so having something with a larger display that I could also use as a camera seemed ideal. I traded in an old pair of AirPods and took the discount against a 12 Pro.

Having used it as my primary device for almost a week I can say that the 12 Pro is still a great device. It’s fast, has a great screen, the camera works well in good and low light and for it’s size it’s the lightest of the larger phones. The only thing to watch out for is battery health. Mines on 89% but it does get me through the day ok.

I’m missing nothing from my 13 or the 14 Pro that I tested last year.

I would definitely recommend the 12 Pro to anyone looking at getting a used Pro device in 2023. It’s also much better for the environment to get one that has already been manufactured.

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