What is the backlight like on the G-Shock GBD-200?

I picked up a G-Shock GBD-200 yesterday and am going to be sharing my thoughts as I go through using it. I wanted to share what my experience of the backlight is like.

I will say that it’s better than my 5600, which is good but these MIP displays are great for clarity and for my eyes a lot better than the standard Casio ones. At night time in a dark room it does light up the room so be mindful if you are at the movies 😀. So, it’s nice and bright but for me it doesn’t stay on long enough. With a negative display it’s a bit harder to read in lower light so you’ll be depending on the backlight more. It only stays lit for just over a second so ok to see the time but if you have a stopwatch or other running you’ll be pressing it multiple times.

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