Casio AE1200: one of the best

I’ve had this slightly modded (by me) Casio AE1200 for quite a few years now and it’s probably my most worn digital watch.

You can pick them up for £25 and less and you can’t get much better value for money. I do have some mechanical watches but as I’ve gotten older my eyes aren’t so great so I needed something with a bigger font to see it easily. My chronograph mechanical makes running timers a little tricky for me now so this AE1200 has stepped back into the daily wear rotation.

I love the design, looking like it wouldn’t look out of place in Blade Runner and for me it’s more comfortable than a G-Shock 5600 or 5610.

It’s hard wearing and whilst the screen will show scratches (unlike a G-Shock) it’s much more affordable and personally I prefer some patina.

So, for me the AE1200 is not only one of the best digital watches, it’s one of Casio’s best models.

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