Coming back to Apple Notes and Reminders

I’ve been playing with a lot of different apps this week. Things, Todoist, OmniFocus, Craft, obsidian, notion and bear. All in an effort to calm myself down and get my devices working for me and help with overwhelm.

What I found was they all had their own annoyances to me that made my process worse. Things font is too small, OmniFocus is too complicated, obsidian is unusable on my phone (font too small, so much tapping) to name a few. I decided to delete all the apps, write everything down in a notebook and then add structure to Apple Notes via lots of folders and the same with Reminders, adding a load of lists and sub lists.

I then used the Widgetsmith small calendar widget and Apple’s own medium sized Reminders widget on my iPhone.

Whilst I wish the macOS Reminders app was better and both of these apps were separated from macOS so had more frequent updates but I’m already paying for iCloud storage so thought I’d may as well use it.

I’m only at the beginning but so far so good.

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