Giving up on a goal

When I started blogging back in 2008 it was a way to share my thoughts, I reviewed guitar stuff and thankfully made some connections and got gear to review. Over time that turned into writing more about apps and Apple. I had what now seems a stupid goal of maybe one day being invited to an Apple event and being able to cover it. Well after all this time I’m giving up on this goal.

I’ve never really gotten anywhere with my Apple stuff. Between established outlets like Daringfireball and YouTubers I have no chance to getting any traction so I’m not going to beat myself up about it anymore.

There are a large amount of great tech YouTubers but I do feel that the coverage Apple gets now is more like an extended advertisement rather than any sort of review or useful information. Most coverage of a keynote feels like a clone of the other. I miss the days of actual good tech info or what it might mean for Apple or the coming year, it’s a shame.

Anyways I’ll continue writing here but I no longer have a goal of getting on anyone’s radar.

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