An M1 iPad Mini and pro apps is all I need

I love using my iPad mini, in fact it’s the only iPad I use, it does almost everything I need… After listening to this weeks Upgrade and a question about an M1 iPad mini it got me thinking. If I had an M series iPad mini and pro apps like Logic Pro I reckon I could get away with no laptop.

My main use of the MacBook Air is producing blog posts, YouTube content, music and editing images. Imagine I could use Logic Pro and a desktop version of iMovie on an iPad that I could plug into a dock and have full external display support that might enough for me.

All of my video is produced on my iPhone, this gets synced up to iCloud then it comes down to my Mac ready for editing. For my music I plug an external interface via USB-C into my MacBook, which could just as easily be an iPad since they come with the same connector. I already prefer editing photos on my iPad over my MacBook.

So, Apple please give us an iPad mini with an M1 (or M2!) along with Logic Pro and a lot of might be done.

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