Moving to a paper to do list

Over the last week or so I dropped all of my to do apps. I’ve realised it makes no difference to the way my mind works if it’s on paper or on an app. So, I took everything out of my apps and put them into a paper note book. This is my running list of things I want to get done.

For things that I have to remember to do I’ve been relying on my iPhone calendar but this is few and far between, I don’t have a lot to go in there.

I’ve felt a little more relaxed about it and my iPhone feels a little less important. I’ve gotten so caught up in apps over the years it’s also nice to not care about the app’s shortcomings too.

How do you manage your to do list?

2 responses to “Moving to a paper to do list”

  1. Still trusty old Apple Reminders for me. The Today and Scheduled views they added a couple of years ago have been so handy for getting an idea of what my day/week will look like. I import all of my reminders into Structured, my day planner app, and block off my time to make sure everything gets done when it’s supposed to.

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