Alternatives to Apple apps, going cross platform

I’ve been thinking about the lock in for Apple apps and how I could be choosing cross platform apps instead. This would make it easier to swap platforms should I want to try something different.

Only photos and notes on iOS are worth using in my opinion but iMessage lock in is definitely real. You can swap out both of these for Google photos and keep but there’s no message equivalent. I use signal with friends on Android but iOS is so integrated with messages, it’s a hard nut to crack.

Reminders is easy to swap out for something else like Todoist or TickTick. There are free tiers available for these apps.

Calendar is a little tricky if you have shared ones, I think checking this on the web would be the best way via a non Apple product.

Just some thoughts for now but I’m definitely more conscious of using an app that’s only on iOS or made by Apple.


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