The importance of trying other technology ecosystems

Like a lot of technology enthusiasts over the years I’ve used lots of different PC’s, phones and consoles, settling into the Apple ecosystem in about 2008 and been there ever since. But, I’ve always been of the mindset that you use the technology that works for you, regardless of the company that makes it.

For me I went to macOS mainly because I was doing a lot of creative YouTube stuff back then and iMovie and iPhoto all worked well together. I hated doing video on the PC. I also got an iPhone so I was hooked. I’d also been a long time PlayStation player and only owned one Xbox.

Last year I picked up a Garmin watch, Nothing Phone 1 and an Xbox series X and they have been great for me to see how other companies are doing things.

I can see that Apple needs to up their software game on the Apple Watch, adding the ability to have rest days and be better at figuring out how tired you are (see Garmin body battery).

The iPhone, whilst I love my 13 Mini is a pretty boring design and colour. I loved the design and value for money that the Nothing Phone 1 gave me. I saw no one else with one and using Android was a good refresher of why I prefer iOS, aside from being able to place apps and widgets wherever you want including having gaps between them.

Having the Xbox opened me to game pass and reminded me why I love games like Halo so much. PlayStation offers far less value in my opinion now I’ve been a game pass subscriber.

What I’m trying to say is Apple in particular is very tribal and reading certain sites or subreddits they can do no wrong. Some go out of their way to defend this trillion dollar company or quickly dismiss other products without actually trying them.

If you’re using one ecosystem for everything, try stepping out of it and pick up something else to try, it’s fun and for me at least always invigorates my writing.

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