Is the HomePod too expensive?

At £299 the updated HomePod seems on the expensive side but when I checked out Sonos it doesn’t seem too bad. I think that at £99 (or I paid £59 refurbished) the HomePod Mini was about right and now I’m looking at options on Sonos I don’t feel that £299 is too far off for the larger model. Sonos have a big range of products and the HomePod seems to sit in the middle of this range price wise. I’d love to see it up against this one for £499 to see how it compares. I love the sound of my original HomePod and maybe it’s £50 more than it should be but it’s not too far out of what they should be asking for one.

If you’re in the market remember to check out the original HomePod as you’ll get a nice discount.

(Also, Apple if you’re reading this please could we get a soundbar of some kind).

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