The iPhone 13 Mini and iPad Mini setup

As you most probably know I like to experiment and switch up my gear quite often but for last 7 months my main devices have been an iPhone 13 Mini and iPad Mini 6. They’ve worked out pretty well. I enjoy using a smaller, lighter phone for carrying around and when I want a bigger screen at home I just jump on the iPad Mini. I have the pencil attached to the side almost always and have been trying to get into the habit of using it as a digital notebook.

The iPad Mini also makes for a great photography accessory. Being able to import images from SD Card and edit them with something that fits in my camera bag has been nice over the last year.

The only time I’ve changed it up is when I either want to record guitar and move to my MacBook and Logic Pro or when I briefly tested out an iPhone 14 Pro but didn’t like the size, weight or dynamic island.

So I’m all in on the Mini lineup, one that doesn’t get a lot of love from Apple but gets a lot of love from it’s users.

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