Switching to NetNewsWire for RSS

I’ve been a user of Reeder for years but recently I found that the iCloud sync either failed or was slow a lot of the time. I was also looking for a good option for a Mac app rather than paying again.

I dipped into NetNewsWire on Mac and iOS and haven’t really looked back.

Sync is reliable and I like having the app everywhere. The team are doing a great job offering this free and open source RSS option and after using it for a week or so I see no reason to use anything else.

I know I’m late to the party with this app but I’m glad I at least arrived at it.


2 responses to “Switching to NetNewsWire for RSS”

  1. I have to agree that Reeder’s iCloud sync is terrible. NetNewsWire iCloud sync is excellent by comparison. That said I prefer Reeders overall experience to that of NetNewsWire so yesterday I subscribed to a year of Feedbin so that I can keep using Reeder.

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