Which WordPress plan is best for a personal blog?

I’ve been using WordPress for quite a few years now and also changed membership plans several times so wanted to share my thoughts on which was best for those like me that want a personal blog. When I was trying to build freelance work and support through here I upgraded to the business plan, something that isn’t cheap (over £200 a year) and what I found was the additions aren’t worth it for most people.

My biggest problem with all of these plans is you cannot pay monthly, something that I am able to budget for but having to pay all of the year upfront is difficult for a lot of people, especially those of us that make zero income from our site.

The Premium plan is tempting but you cannot use plugins until the business level plan so I see no reason to chose this plan, it’s a pretty pointless plan.

The default for most WordPress customers should be the personal plan. this offers everything you need to build a blog with some nice free templates and no WordPress ads.

4 responses to “Which WordPress plan is best for a personal blog?”

  1. I used personal plan but I’m so thankful for this post because I dream of monetizing my blog when time comes. Upgrading it to a business plan might be of great help.

  2. I saw an option to pay 9$ monthly for the personal base but it’s higher than paying yearly if worked out. I’m considering the base plan myself.

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