How much will the Apple headset cost?

With all of the rumours of the Apple headset coming it got me thinking about what sort of price we’d be willing to pay for one. My experience with headsets is coming from PSVR, it’s been a great bit of kit and gets a lot of use in our house. However I am constantly frustrated with the cables (roll on PSVR 2 with it’s one cable and no additional hardware box and power supply).

I’m not sold on the Apple headset just yet, I also don’t think it’s coming this year but it might be fun to think about price.

Now, is it just a headset or will it come with controllers? If it’s not built for gaming then I see just the headset but then I see no appeal. For me if VR is what they are going for it needs to be gaming focussed. If it’s AR focussed then fine but I don’t get how you manipulate things. Anyway I digress, let’s assume it’s just a headset and you use the iPhone somehow to navigate.

My best guess is £1999, way too much in my opinion and I wouldn’t pay it but with Apple and their love of profit margins I don’t see them taking a hit like games console makers do to get units out there. So I’m at £1999. I think they need to drop profit margins on this first one and hit a £699 price point but we all know that won’t happen.

What’s your best guess?

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