My PlayStation 5 is a Gran Turismo 7 machine

When I picked up the PlayStation 5 before Christmas it was to replace our PlayStation 4, which had gotten so loud I needed to turn the volume on the TV up so loud it was unreasonable. When I got it I installed all of the games I could with my subscription to PlayStation Plus but now I’m a few weeks in it’s settled down to be pretty much exclusively for Gran Turismo 7. Just like the Xbox where it’s mainly used for flight simulator, the PS5 is just being used for GT7.

I’ve gotten so hooked into the game, trying to complete all of the races and collect all the cars. It’s borderline too addictive for me at the moment 😀

It’s also got me to move to the cheapest PlayStation plus membership that I could because I’m not playing anything else. (Now I need to do the same with game pass).

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