We’re years away from an Apple headset

I’ve read some of the rumours about Apple releasing a AR/VR headset and I just don’t get why. I’ve had PSVR for ages and whilst it’s fun, it’s clunky with its wires and isn’t the most comfortable thing to wear for extended periods.

For my money we are nowhere near technologically where we need to be to do a great AR or VR experience. I’d always imagined Apple to be patient and release something “magical” but these reports just feel like it’ll be another clunky bit of technology created too early. A worry if this is what Apple thinks is good enough, they just want to throw something at the wall and see if it sticks.

Until we miniaturise the batteries and lenses to fit into a normal pair of glasses I don’t see any headset gaining traction outside of the enthusiasts that are willing to compromise or those Apple fans that just buy anything that comes out.

I don’t feel like a headset is on the horizon at all.

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