PlayStation 5 review

I’ve been using the PlayStation 5 for over three weeks now and I wanted to share some thoughts on using it almost daily. I picked up the disc based version.

Build and design

It’s a stark design, very futuristic but less practical than the Xbox series x that sits on the shelf underneath. It’s bigger than it needs to be in my opinion but is a cool looking design. The controller has had a big step up and feels more substantial than any controller I’ve used before. It’s fairly quiet, especially compared to the PS4 Pro it replaces. It’s still not as quiet as the Xbox Series X but I’m happy with it.

Any issues out of the box?

The console was fine but I did have some concerns about stability where I had a blue screen and crashes playing God of War. I did a full factory reset and so far so good.


That’s the point right, well after being away from playing PlayStation for a little bit I’m reminded how good Sony are at the single player experience. God of war, Gran Turismo 7, ghosts of tsushima, uncharted and returnal just to name a few. I’ve played God of War Ragnorok and gran turismo the most. Of the next generation games I’ve played both of these two are stunning and I’m impressed with both graphics and load times. We’re still in the early days of these consoles but the early impressions of these games are good.

Confusing and lack of value PlayStation Plus

Having now experienced game pass I’m struck with how little value Sony offer on their confusing PlayStation plus membership options. I didn’t see much value in the tier where you get a game library as it doesn’t stack up to the same price game pass where I get day one releases and EA games so I ended up going for the £6.99 basic plan with online and a few free monthly games. I’d recommend sticking to this cheapest price tier and just buy the games you want when they are in a sale.

Would I recommend one?

After using one and coming from the PS4 Pro I’d say if your PS4 doesn’t sound like a jet engine then stick with your Pro for a little while longer. Anything else then I’d recommend one if you are wanting to try PlayStation but only sign up for the basic PlayStation plus membership.

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