The best protective case for the iPhone 13 Mini

I’ve been testing a few different cases lately on the iPhone 13 Mini and I feel I’ve found the best compromise between comfort, bulk and protection to recommend what I think is the best case that offers protection whilst also being as slim as possible.

The Peak Design Every day case for me is the best case for the iPhone 13 Mini. It supports MagSafe, has a nice textured material on the back and also has an amazing warranty. I actually used this when the material on the back was separating a little from the frame. One form filled out and a couple of emails later and I had a new one out in the post.

The only thing I’d change is the material around the sleep/wake button. It’s pretty easy to activate Apple Pay accidentally when locking and unlocking but this has gotten better as the case softens up with use.

I’m not a case user normally but I’m starting to feel that this case makes using my Mini easier to type on by adding a little extra material around the edges.


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