PS5 vs PS4 Pro

I’ve currently got both a PS5 and PS4 Pro to play with and have some thoughts around each and if it’s worth upgrading if you already have a PS4 Pro.

The worst part of owning a PS4 Pro and the main tangible difference between it and the PS5 is fan noise. The fan noise on the PS4 Pro is ridiculous. It sounds like a jet engine taking off and is often louder than my TV speakers when I’m playing. If you want a quiet gaming experience then this will be the main reason to upgrade to the PS5.

Performance wise there isn’t a lot between the two models right now. I’m playing on a 4K HDR TV and both the PS5 and PS4 Pro look fantastic to my eyes. Load times are better on the PS5 but it’s not £400 better.

Games can also be played on both. I’ve not come across any that are PS5 exclusive yet and all of the big ones can be played on both.

The next change is controllers. The PS5 controller is a bit heavier and chunkier. It’s a nice controller. It’s not worth an upgrade for but it’s a very nice upgrade.

At this point I’m leaning towards saying that if you have a PS4 Pro and are fed up of a loud fan then the PS5 is a nice upgrade. If you can tolerate the fan or you have a quiet one then stick with it and hold off on the upgrade. The PS4 Pro is still a good console and until there’s a PS5 exclusive then I’d hold off on the upgrade.


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