How’s my blog traffic doing since I deleted my Twitter account?

As a lot of my friends have done I’ve also stopped using Twitter. I may have gone a stage further though and deactivated my account. (Please do this too rather than just not use the service).

I used to share links to my blog from Twitter so what’s the actual results in terms of a drop in traffic since I stopped this? Well, on a good day there isn’t much of a difference (maybe 5%) and on a normal day it’s about 20% down. I make no money from this so it makes no real difference to me financially but it does mean that I’m reaching less readers.

What I can’t see and where I think the majority of my traffic comes from is RSS, I do think RSS is having a moment right now and that’s great.

So I’m quite happy now I’m not on Twitter and the blog traffic hasn’t fallen away badly.

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