My most used gear in 2022

I wanted to do a little post to go through the gear that I used most in 2022, this covers devices I used for productivity, photography and just generally the gear that I used most in 2022.

iPhone 13 Mini

I really enjoy using and carrying a small iPhone. I use it without a case so it’s super slim and light but has good battery life and an amazing camera. I’ve briefly used a 14 Pro this year also but the downsides of carrying it weren’t worth it. The iPhone mini form factor just suits my needs better and doesn’t set off the RSI issues I have.

iPad Mini (6th generation)

Might be my favourite iPad of all time. It’s what I use around the house and even when I’m travelling. With the Smart Cover and Apple Pencil attached it’s the perfect little digital notebook. It’s also great for importing and editing my DSLR images. It is a little pricey but if you go for 256GB it should last you a long time.

MacBook Air M1

I have the first generation M1 MacBook Air and I am still so happy with it. Yes I look at the design of the new version and think it looks cool but this one still works well. The only time I’ve seen it slow down is editing large RAW images but I don’t take that many. I have the base 8GB RAM version and like I say for less than the £800 in 2021 and cheaper than a lot of iPad models it’s one of the best values in computing today.

XBOX Series X

This was a 2021 pickup and I’m still playing it almost daily. It’s well built and silent on all games I’ve played on it. Game Pass has a massive selection of games and ones like Flight Simulator and Halo keep me coming back. Now I’ve also picked up a PS5 however I am starting to see that Microsoft need to up their single player immersive experience a bit more to compete with games like God of War and Uncharted.

Canon 70D

It’s an oldie now, I’ve had it for 7 or 8 years but I can’t justify changing it. It still takes great images and I’ve got the lenses that I enjoy using with it. Mirrorless is tempting for the slight weight relief but with the current economic situation I just don’t see the need to change over just yet.

What have you been using?

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