Top TV shows of 2022

I like to look back on the shows I’ve enjoyed over the past year, I don’t have all the streaming services but of the ones I have these are the shows that stood out.

  • Andor: I don’t like to rank Star Wars but I do feel Andor is the best written and performed show Disney have produced so far
  • Obi-wan Kenobi: I really enjoyed this one. Seeing Ewan and Hayden return really got me, I do wish they hadn’t used the studio so much to do it and been on set but that aside I enjoyed it
  • Demon Slayer: I love Anime and I’m not sure why this passed me by. You can watch season 1 on Netflix but I subbed to Crunchyroll to watch season 2
  • Rings of Power: Admittedly I’ve not completed the first season yet but for production value alone this is worth a watch. I’m enjoying this series a lot
  • Moonknight: Not a character I knew before but a well told story and some great acting
  • For all mankind: this series took me by surprise. I’m a space nerd so was curious to watch it but I’ve been really hooked on it.

What’s on your list?

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