iPhone 13 Mini: long term review

I thought I’d write a little update on using the iPhone 13 Mini, I still get questions and see interest in this amazing little device. Coincidentally I’m starting to see a few more out in the wild, maybe it’s getting some traction finally. I think it’s always going to be a niche, just like the iPhone 14 Plus that replaced it – if you want a device that fits into your lifestyle then you know it.

There are two main questions with this device, what’s the battery life like and how is the screen.

The battery I have to admit has gotten worse with iOS 16. I’m convinced that Apple don’t test on this device. I’m down about 20% from where I was on iOS 15 and wish I could go back. I used to get through my day and be left with around 40% left but since iOS 16 this is more like 20%. It’ll get me through the day fine though, it’s on par with what I used to see in my iPhone 11. If you’re a heavy user though and don’t have access to a power outlet you may want to look at the regular 13.

The screen is next. It’s nice, at 5.4” it’s still a good size for most things. I don’t watch a lot of video on my phone, I use my iPad Mini around the house. The iPhone is used for social, camera, Mail, messaging, music and calls. If I want to do something a little more involved I’ll be on my MacBook Air. For me the smaller screen is fine, like I say I have an iPad Mini that has become my main device. I do have font size bumped right up by the way.

The iPhone 13 Mini has been and still is great for me. It’s the perfect size so I’m not serving it but it serves me. Has helped my RSI I struggle with on larger devices and I don’t even think about it’s size or weight.

It’s biggest problem is software not hardware. iOS 16 feels unpolished on it. UI is cropped off in places, I’m getting a white screen flash before opening some apps and like I said above battery life had gotten worse. If you’re on a Mini and iOS 15, stick to it. I’m hoping Apple acknowledge all of the bugs I’m raising but so far I’ve had zero feedback or seen improvements though.

If you’re after a smaller device you can carry that had a great camera and just gets out of the way, you can’t go wrong with an iPhone 13 Mini.


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