Using Apple Notes as a task manager

Do you think it’s possible to use just Apple Notes as your task manager? I’m thinking I have a today note and a running overall task list. I can then use the notes widget to remind and give me quick access. Worthy of an experiment I think, especially now I’m using my iPad Mini as a digital notebook.

With this cost of living crisis here in the UK but generally everywhere I’m cutting right back on subscriptions so I’m looking to only use what’s built in.

2 responses to “Using Apple Notes as a task manager”

  1. I’m currently using Reminders to help me track the things that regularly need doing and nudge myself to stick with new habits — that works well for me as I can set them up and then they automatically show up under my nose when they need doing. (I don’t bother with time scheduling, I get through today’s tasks in whatever order works best for me.)

    My only issue with Notes is that it’s designed to work with iCloud — in theory, I can hook it up to my Fastmail account, but the reality is that most features won’t work. (That criticism also applies to Reminders, though in that case it’s not a deal-breaker for me.) That has put me off of putting anything into Notes, plus I have DEVONthink 3 which was a one-time purchase and has probably paid for itself by now in time and energy saved by automating various archiving and processing tasks.

    With that said, I think your idea of having a Today note as a Widget on your various devices is really good, and I’m with you on making sure you’re getting use out of what you’ve already got before considering alternatives. While Reminders isn’t perfect, it’s good enough that I’m not seeing any compelling reasons to subscribe to another service.

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