It’s time for Cultured Code to address accessibility in Things 3

I’ve been a fan of the interface and way of working of Things 3 by Cultured Code for years but enough is enough, I can‘t use or recommend it to anyone with any accessibility needs. For me that means that on both my iPhone 13 Mini and iPad Mini I have larger fonts enabled. Cultured Code haven’t addressed these needs since launch and I cannot understand why not. They do not respect the system font settings and continue to choose design over function.

This leaves me looking at other apps that require a subscription or using Apple’s own Reminders, the app that I am choosing for managing what I have to do.

Here’s what Reminders looks like for me

With larger fonts enabled you can see above that whilst you might think it’s massive, for me it’s about right. The above screenshot is what it looks like on my iPad Mini.

If I squint I can just about make it out

In stark contrast the screenshot above is what it looks like in Things3, it’s tiny and doesn’t appear to have changed even after enabling larger font mode.

I’m happy to be corrected if I have missed a setting but would appreciate if someone at Cultured Code reads this to get in touch and help me understand why you can’t work with system font settings. I suspect the UI is so customised that it simply cannot be addressed or is on the list for Things 4.


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