My most played Xbox games this month

Gaming is a massive part of my downtime, in fact it’s the default way I unwind. I don’t really talk about it much here though but thought I’d share the games I’ve been playing the most this month. This isn’t gained from looking at stats but the ones I feel I’ve been playing the most.

Also I only really play on the Xbox. My PS4 Pro sits gathering dust until someone in the house wants to play just dance or PSVR and my Switch isn’t that compelling to me these days.

Microsoft Flight Simulator continues to be my most played game. I’m particularly fond of some of the new plane additions too, in particular F-16 and Typhoon. We also got the 40th anniversary which adds some more oldies like the wright brothers first flight and gliders.

Second game is Chivalry II. It’s taken a lot of my flight simulator time and with 64 player online medieval battles it’s very engaging. Probably my default game now if I want to play online. Games are quick to load and at sometimes 30 minutes a game working your way from a sea landing to castle invasion they are really well planned out. I’d recommend setting on graphics priority and enjoying the look and feel of this game.

I’ve started playing F1 2021 again, doing a 5 lap season starting at Williams. 2021 isn’t the best of the series, the replays stutter and the human graphic models I still find creepy but playing it feels good. Expect 2022 to drop onto game pass soon with the ending of the real season.

What have you been playing?

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