Is it time to close the blog for good?

This blog is going slow right now, I’m struggling for creativity. I’m seeing a rapid decline in readers and to be honest with everything going on in the world I’m out of ideas.

With the cost of living increase here in the UK I’m at the point I’m struggling to justify keeping this endeavour going.

I’m not adding much to the world, I’ll most probably drop this blog and just post to Mastodon or give video a go and save myself around £250 a year.

This is just an honest post of how I’m feeling right now. It’s also a reflection of how frustrated I am with my creative ideas that no matter what I do they never amount to anything.

One response to “Is it time to close the blog for good?”

  1. We don’t need more ideas. I like to read product reviews whether it is software, a web site, or something that you use regularly. I read a lot of different blogs and appreciate the different perspectives. Sometimes it may be time to take a step back and take a break from all forms of social media. including blogs, twitter, and so on. Only you can decide for yourself. Just remember to take care of your health (both physical and mental).

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