How to verify your WordPress blog with Mastodon

If you run a WordPress blog you can link to your Mastodon profile and get a green check mark on your profile to show that you have validated the site as being yours.

To do this you need to log into your WordPress dashboard and then on the left menu go to ‘appearance’ then click ‘editor’.

Once you are in the editor you need to change it to view the code of the page. To do this click on the 3 dots in the top right then ‘code editor’.

Once in the code editor you can see the code behind your site. This is where you need to put the code that you got from Mastodon (In Mastodon click edit profile, then ‘profile metadata’).

I put the verification section from Mastodon before the last section of the code on my site.

I’m hoping your site looks something like this but for me this is how I did it. Once it was saved I waited around 1/2 day and I had the green verification on my Mastodon profile.

Hope this helps someone else out.

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