Is 64GB of storage too little for an iPad?

I’ve been using my iPad Mini for a couple of days and it’s been good but I am looking at bigger displays a little. What struck me when looking at the iPad range is how poor the value is on the low end storage (64GB). At £499 for the new iPad and £649 for the Air it’s difficult to recommend this to anyone. I know Apple like their profit margins but with 64GB I feel like they are selling a product not fit for purpose. I’m not sure it would cost them much more to put in 128GB, which I think is the sweet spot for most users.

The base storage to store your operating system and associated files is going to take up almost half of that 64GB already and if you want to travel with your iPad and load movies, you aren’t going to fit many on there.

So, 64GB is too little storage for an iPad. If you can’t get 128GB you’ll need to save a little more and get 256GB.

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