Does it make sense to move away from Apple services to save money?

I’m not the biggest Amazon fan but I have to admit that this move to give prime members access to the full music catalog is an interesting one.

There is a catch though, you can only shuffle your music. With the recent increase in Apple service pricing I’m seriously considering moving away and using a prime membership to cover my music and photo storage needs.

With my iCloud monthly and now an increased Apple Music monthly I’m thinking for £8.99 instead of around £24 (Apple music family and iCloud storage) I could get most of what I have already.

The major downside though is I trust Apple a lot more than Amazon but I do use AWS in work a lot so I know they take their cloud services seriously and I’d be ok them having my photo library. I have no concerns on the music side, I’m pretty agnostic as to who provides my music app, they all have pretty much the same catalog.

I’m going to do some more investigating on this one but in this cost of living crisis it might be time to move away from Apple for now and hope that this move by Amazon helps Apple rethink it’s cloud pricing strategy.

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