Should you look at cross platform apps?

I’ve been predominantly using Apple apps in my time on iOS but when I switched to the Nothing Phone 1 I realised how stuck I was. Even when I wasn’t using an Apple app and using Things 3 for my task manager I was still using apps I could only use on iOS.

I’m in the process of thinking this through. Do I want to use apps that keep me on iOS? The more I look at the Pixel 7 Pro or when I used the Nothing I feel trapped on iOS. Don’t get me wrong I really like my iPhone 13 Mini but I’d like the choice of moving platform. With Apple needing to resort to tactics like gambling ads to please their shareholders I’m less and less an Apple enthusiast these days and feel the pull to try something new. Apple also aren’t always going to make the device that I want.

With no foldable in sight and the increasing weight of their flagship iPhone I’m less and less bothered by their devices and more becoming interested in cool new phones that aren’t made by Apple. I don’t want to be using a phone I find boring (as a tech enthusiast) just because of a notes or calendar app.

I overthink things really badly and an app shouldn’t play into my device decisions, switching platforms isn’t a big deal and I need to remember that.

I digress, I guess for me starting to look at cross platform apps is something I need to do. How do you feel about it?

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