I don’t want a Twitter alternative

This post by Matt really got me thinking about the fact I don’t think I want a Twitter alternative. I feel as with blogging or following bloggers it’s niche. Social media or sharing has turned to video, be it YouTube or TickTock. Now I’ve stepped back I can see that mainstream only reports on Twitter when there’s some argument between celebrities or sporting stars going on, it’s a platform for the worst in us – that’s not what I want. If you are using something that makes you feel worse after using it – stop.

The more I look at something like YouTube shorts the more I’m thinking that’s where I want to go, somewhere I can share creatively, not somewhere to use as a place to complain about something. This is what Twitter (IMO) has turned into and the platform does nothing (and will now do even less) to promote creation and protect the users that need it most.

So, it may seem cynical but I see less and less social media that is based on text and I don’t see people switching to something like Mastadon. I’m so glad we have places like Slack and discord so you can keep in touch with those you have met on the internet and want to share with.

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