Revisiting the peak design every day case

When I reviewed the peak design every day case I didn’t shine it in an exactly positive light but over the last couple of weeks I’ve used it on and off and actually now I’m a few days in of it being on all of the time I’m slowly coming around to it.

I’ve been using it in the car with MagSafe, which has been great. I’ve dropped it a couple of times, also giving me good protection. The buttons have softened as I’ve used them and whilst I still sometimes accidentally trigger the sleep/wake button I’ve come to get used to it.

I like the texture of the back and the added width help make it easier to type on the narrower iPhone Mini form factor.

I’ve gotten over a couple of QA issues and peak design offer a lifetime warranty so I can call on that should I wish to.

It’s also unique, I’ve not seen it anywhere else.

My only wish is that peak design would offer this phone without the built in square hole for their adapter. Just put MagSafe in and reduce the price to give customers another option (if you do this please make one for the Mini).

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