Don’t update to iPadOS 16 on an older iPad

iPadOS 16 came out last week and for me on the 2015 9.7” iPad Pro it made it unusable. On iPadOS 15 it wasn’t amazingly fast but it was usable. What I’ve found this week in using it on the 9.7” iPad Pro is that it’s made it so slow and unresponsive it’s pretty much a brick now.

I’ve tried all sorts of settings and a reset but I just cannot get it to work in a way that makes it a viable daily machine. Even loading web pages can take up to a minute and photos gives me a black screen requiring a restart almost every time I used it.

I’ve sold it onto a refurbished site now, £150 isn’t bad but I don’t see any of the new iPad models that make sense at the moment with the current line up. Might be best to look at the refurbished market and look at an 11” Pro from 2018 or 2020.

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