It’s getting harder to recommend an iPad

The iPad is in a weird state, here in the UK prices are up across the board but the iPad (even the existing base) went up. We are also at a point where I am not the first person to say that the iPad lineup is very confusing. Even as someone like me who is a tech enthusiast I struggle to know what to get or recommend to others.

I have to admit that with my 2015 iPad Pro now sold and some cash to get a new one, I’m not even going to bother it’s so overwhelming for me. The Air seems the best choice but the price increase here in the UK on the base model iPad and on the Air itself push it out of that range where I would buy an iPad that would do 70% of what I want to get out of a mobile OS.

When I’m looking at the best value for money or asked to recommend an Apple portable device the iPad has fallen off that list and been replaced by the base M1 MacBook Air. At less than £850 new and sometimes £799 it’s an absolute bargain for what you get. If I price up the new iPad (256GB) with the Apple keyboard I’m looking at over £950 and even the “cheapest” iPad is now £549. That’s where I keep getting stuck I cannot see an iPad that offers value for money now with these new models.

Refurbished is the way to go on an iPad, get a used 11″ iPad Pro seems to be the way if you are dedicated to getting an iPad but if you just want a mobile device then get an M1 MacBook Air.

I’m hoping Apple can simplify the line, I see something like

  • iPad SE (the one with the home button)
  • iPad (the new iPad)
  • iPad Pro (11″ and 12″)

Drop the Air and just keep the models above to avoid a bit of confusion.

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