iPhone 13 Mini Home Screen

It’s been a while since I shared my setup. It’s been swapping and changing more and more recently whilst I figure out my creative projects but this setup seems to be what I’ve settled on (for now 😀).

The major change to my last setup is using Things 3 instead of Reminders. I was ok with Reminders but realised after reporting a lot of bugs with it that Apple aren’t really focussed on making their own apps better. They do every couple of iOS versions but I wanted to use an app where it was the companies main job. Things 3 isn’t the most accessible app (I’ve long talked about how small the font is) but I like the simplicity and calendar integration. It’s not cross platform unfortunately but whilst in still on iOS and I’ve already paid for it it’ll do the job for me.

I switched back to Apple calendar just to use the widget and be able to keep on top of family calendar invites.

It’s hard to beat Google Maps for picking places to go and eat when you’re away in a new city. The navigation is also more reliable for me here in the UK.

I went back into Glass for my photography and I’m enjoying being back in that community.

Now I’m not using Twitter I’ve gone back to Slack and Discord.

It’s a pretty simple setup but does that job for me.

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