A city break with the iPhone 13 Mini

I recently got back from a city break and was reminded of how great the iPhone 13 Mini still is in day to day use.

I’d just returned the iPhone 14 Pro with it being too heavy (for me) to manage as a daily device and put my sim back into the 13 Mini a few days before leaving. Using it on this trip was great, it reminded me why I chose to use the Mini in the first place.

Great size, weight, camera and battery life.

I used it for Google Maps, weather, as my point and shoot (I also had my Canon DSLR), my music player and my wallet. It worked flawlessly and the battery life even with my more than average use wasn’t a problem at all.

It did coincide with a bit of a writing break but I wouldn’t have used it anyway for this whilst on a little holiday. So that wouldn’t have added that much load to the daily use.

It’s a shame Apple stopped investing in the Mini but I think I only saw one other person using one over these four days in the city, so it seems justified to stop I guess and give the plus sized model a go.

The great news though is that you can get one used now at a good discount so if you’re curious to see what’s it’s like going back to a sensible sized device go grab one.

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