Is the Google Pixel 7 Pro too heavy?

With the impending release of the Google Pixel 7 Pro I’ve been more and more interested in checking one out, especially to see what that camera looks like. On checking the details of dimensions it sit’s somewhere similar to the iPhone 14 Pro Max but a bit lighter.

At 212g it’s not as heavy as the Pro Max (at 240g) but heavier than the iPhone 14 Pro (206g), that already felt too heavy. To be honest I wish manufacturers dumped the glass and stainless steel and went to plastics and aluminium on the high end devices to help us with repetitive strain injuries but I doubt that will happen. Plastics are seen as inferior but I disagree it is functional – it is durable, easy to clean, light, you can do colours easily etc… The iPhone 5C is still one of my favourite phones of all time, I’d love Apple to go plastic again with a 5.7″ OLED screen and dual camera in yellows, oranges and other cool colours.

Anyway I digress, in my opinion at 212g the Google Pixel 7 Pro is too heavy for a device that we use all day. I may check one out though for that camera (if anyone is reading this that works at Google, contact me).

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