If you use a digital camera pick the smartphone that works best for you (regardless of the camera specs)

On testing out a few phones over the last couple of weeks I think I’ve come to the conclusion that as someone with a DSLR, that loves using it I’m less reliant on my iPhone. Even testing the new iPhone 14 Pro it doesn’t come close to what I do with my now 8 year old Canon 70D.

If you’re like me and still carry your digital camera with you on trips or just want to get out and take some photos then I have reached the conclusion that I can carry whatever smartphone suits my lifestyle.

After using the iPhone 13 Mini now for months I’ve come accustomed to it’s small profile. It’s pocket friendly, has great battery and a really good camera. No matter how big the lenses are on the new iPhone (and on the 14 Pro they are massive), it’ll never reach what a dedicated camera can do.

This made me realise, why am I working for my iPhone rather than it working for me.

Yes, I love the bigger screen on a 13, 14 or Pro but using it on a day to day basis (for me) is a pain. The compromise I feel in carrying it (well, so far in my testing) isn’t worth the hassle because I’m not seeing enough of an improvement in the camera over my current 13 Mini for those day to day uses.

If you’re using a smartphone as a supplement to your existing camera setup, pick the one that fits into your lifestyle.

I’d love to hear from you on this one.

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