Don’t buy the iPhone 14 Pro for it’s macro camera abilities

When Apple introduced a macro option on the iPhone 13 Pro it felt like it was another reason to pick one up but in testing the iPhone 14 Pro I realise it’s not actually that amazing.

A couple of observations I’ve made. (1) you need a lot of light. For me it only really works out well if you’re outside and have a lot of natural light. If you’re inside it’ll be noisy, even outside I found you’ll get a lot of noise unless you’re in perfect conditions.

(2) on testing vs an iPhone with no macro and instead using digital zoom there’s not a lot of difference. I tested vs the iPhone 13 Mini and used digital zoom to push in a bit closer and when comparing to the 14 Pro I’m not seeing a lot of difference.

Here’s the 13 Mini
Here’s the 14 Pro

I’m not seeing enough of an improvement to justify an upgrade in the Macro department. If you pixel peep you’ll see a tiny bit more detail in the 14 Pro but I’m not printing these out and hanging them on a wall so for my money I’m happy just zooming in a little.

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