Apple ProRAW is pushing my M1 MacBook Air

I’ve been camera testing a little today with the iPhone 14 Pro and I’ve started to really look at the new 48MP ProRAW format. What I have discovered is that for the first time in over a year of ownership of my 8GB M1 MacBook Air I’m feeling that lack of RAM (I think!).

I let iCloud do it’s sync then started to edit the RAW images that I took on my morning walk. I was editing them in Photos as I don’t have access to an Adobe subscription and the lag I was experiencing was something I hadn’t seen on the Air before. I was playing with the sliders and they would take sometimes 30 seconds to take effect. I had to also close Photos a couple of times to get it to take notice of my changes.

This isn’t a complaint but an observation, it’s an amazing laptop.

So, experienced photography fan I have some questions

  • Could it be the 8GB RAM holding me back?
  • Is Photos just not fit for purpose when it comes to photo editing with RAW?
  • What app do you use?

(I’m not aiming to get an M2 midnight MacBook Air as much as I am tempted 😀).

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