Why I returned the Nothing Phone (1)

As you’ll know if you’ve been following along I’ve been using the Nothing Phone (1) and unfortunately for Nothing I returned the device for my refund. The design is still stunning and I’ll miss looking at that clear back but ultimately it came down to one reason – Android.

I’m at a point where I can’t afford to have devices in my use that aren’t daily carries. I don’t get support on this site so don’t have a budget for it. If I’m spending my own money it needs to be used as a main device by selling a previous to cover the cost.

There were too many roadblocks to using Android for me in daily use. Between iMessage and shared calendars I couldn’t find a simple way to get around having easy access to what I need to do in my day, that is integrated iCloud into Android.

You can use Chrome and access iCloud on the web but that isn’t great for someone that needs access to it multiple times a day and also as someone that needs a constant reminder I couldn’t use it as a widget.

It was good to get a taste of the other side but for me I’m too hooked into iOS.

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