Was the iPhone 11 Pro the last perfectly sized iPhone?

After using my iPhone 13 Mini daily, previously owning a 13 and testing out a 14 Pro I’m slowly coming to the conclusion for me at least the 5.8” iPhone 11 Pro size might have been the perfect balance. The 14 Pro is too heavy at over 200 grams and at just over 140 grams the 13 Mini is pretty much perfect but you lose some screen. At 188 grams with a screen between the Mini and the Pro the 11 Pro has a perfect balance.

I did previously own one and whilst the camera won’t do as great a job as my 13 Mini I’m tempted to go back to the used market and see what they are going for.

I know big screens are where the sales are and Apple selling a new 6.7” 14 Plus shows this but we aren’t all the same and having a lighter iPhone is something some of us need.

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