Is the WordPress for iOS app accessible enough?

As you probably know I post most of my writing on mobile but I fear that this isn’t going to be much going forward for one reason – the WordPress for iOS app. I’m thinking about my platform choice right now as I look at save some costs hosting my site here on WordPress and this is playing into my decision quite a bit. Even on an iPhone 14 Pro that I have tested this app on the text (on Zoom and one down from max text size is small). This has been tested on both iOS and Android and it’s the same across platforms.

I have changed both the system setting on iOS and increased the font size on the template I use on this site and it’s the same.

I write this in the hope that someone that works on the app could let me know if this is expected behaviour or could help point me in the right direction. The app is great aside from this, I don’t mean to criticise but just need some help.

Here’s the best place to contact me.

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