Peak Design Every Day case review (iPhone 13 Mini)

I’d been eyeing up this case for a while but when I wanted a change from my Apple leather one I decided to jump in and get one. At £32 it’s the middle of what I’d pay for a good case. You don’t get any accessories, just what I thought would be a well made case.

Quality control issues

Straight out of the box I was hit with two issues. (1) the material as seen in the above image is broken away from the plastic side wall. (2) the back material was poorly glued down and results in bumps in places where it’s doubled up. This is obviously very disappointing as a first impression.

Drop protection

As you can see the case has a plastic frame that has some impact protection. I’m confident as long as you don’t hit screen first you’ll be good with the majority of drops. it has raised edges on the front and around the camera.

In hand

I’m starting to think (for me) the iPhone 13 is better in a case. I love the size and weight but adding a case gives it a little bit of extra width that for me at least makes typing and taking photos a bit easier. This case feels great. Not as grippy on the back compared to the Apple leather but the sides have a more rounded edge that makes it feel more comfortable than the squared off edges on the Apple leather one.


The buttons are not as good as the metal used on the Apple case but they feel good. A little stiff on this one given it’s new. Where I have had issues is on the power button. I press once and it thinks sometimes I’m pressing twice or holding. I’ve been getting random SIRI or Wallet when locking my phone.

Would I recommend it?

I’m afraid to say NO I wouldn’t recommend spending £32 on this case. As good as it feels and looks the quality of the finish I received and the power button randomly activating SIRI is enough to put me off. It’s not a cheap case and I expected a bit better fit and finish.

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