The design of the Nothing Phone (1)

I’ve been using the Nothing Phone (1) on and off for almost a week and even though I’m finding it a little large it’s no doubt my favourite design I’ve seen on a smartphone for a long time.

Yes, I’ll admit it looks very iPhone 12 (and onwards) from the side but that back is another story. A clear back that shows some of it’s workings like a clear backed mechanical watch.

It’s very striking and it’s also been a long time since someone in public has asked me about my phone, it’s happened with the Nothing.

The design has it’s uses with lights doing things like a charge indicator and adding some light to the camera (especially useful for Macro).

It’s got two 50MP sensors with the ability to shoot in full RAW a bit like the new iPhone 14 Pro with it’s 48MP sensor. I’m still testing the camera, there’s a lot more options than iPhone and a little trickier to get it right. The front facing camera is ok outdoors but not great indoors (I don’t take selfies so not an issue).

Having USB-C has been handy in my office where I have two laptops, a work phone and headset that all charge with the same connection.

The screen is gorgeous and to be honest it’s been nice compared to my iPhone 13 Mini where I can’t quite get the text where I need it these days. The only let down is the in display fingerprint sensor, it’s not that great. It’s a frustrating experience using it to unlock. I feel this alone will be enough for me not to switch full time.

Here it is in all it’s lit glory.

I’m in two minds what to do with the Nothing. I can keep it and use as my Android reference device and treat it like an iPad around the home, switch full time or return it. It didn’t break the bank given I had it open box and it’s given me lots of content to think about and a renewed enthusiasm for trying something new. I also have to admit it’s nice using something unique, I’ve literally not seen another one anywhere. But, now experiencing a larger screen again I’m tempted to put the money back towards picking up a larger iPhone and be done with it.

I know a lot of my readers are iPhone based but what do you think? The design is great right?

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