Tech product reviews on YouTube aren’t that useful

I noticed the iPhone 14 Plus embargo must have ended as various outlets have started to publish reviews. I know I’m a writer first but I don’t think I’m biased in thinking YouTuber early reviews just aren’t that useful, they fall into one of two camps

1. An extended advertisement for Apple wooing over the new devices and not calling out any issues for the fear of losing the review units in future

2. The iPhone is a fail, facepalm thumbnail type videos. Even worse the channels that do a “don’t buy the iPhone 14” then a week later do their inevitable “buy the iPhone 14” video

For me, this just isn’t that useful and disrespects the audience chasing money over integrity. Now there are YouTubers like Chris Lawley and Matt Birchler who do a great job and have good balance in their opinion but these days I feel that this is rare on the platform. It’s become polarising just like social media, you have to love or hate something.

I’m much more interested in reading reviews that on the whole seem to be a bit more balanced and what I’d call an actual review.

I don’t know maybe I’m an old school blogger that’s bitter but I just don’t see value in tech YouTube for product reviews.

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