Adding a due time to your most important tasks?

I’ve been using Apple Reminders a bit more lately. I can’t currently really afford to spend upwards of £5 a month on a to do app so I’m using what I have. I’ve been using apps that force a due time (like OmniFocus) and ones that don’t (like Things and Apple Reminders).

But, regardless of what you use there is something to think about when it comes to adding a due time to a task.

Where I am right now, feeling overwhelmed with tasks I’m forgetting the basics.

What I’ve discovered having going back to pen and paper for my running daily list is a to do app for me right now is there to pop up alerts when these important tasks are due. Things like paying an invoice or getting milk (if you’ve promised you’ll get it!) need to go into my to do app with a due time that will go off regardless of if I’m on my phone or laptop.

So I would recommend adding a hard limit, a due time and notification on tasks that you’d normally flag as important.

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