Switching to Android from iOS is hard

I’ve been in the Apple ecosystem since the iPhone 3G and I knew I’d become dependent on iOS but with iPhone dominance it’s hit home as to how dependent I actually was.

Between iMessage and iCloud I’ve locked myself in. It’s also made me realise why Apple doesn’t open these up to Android, users locked into iMessage and iCloud aren’t likely to switch.

I’ve had trouble getting text messages to work consistently on Android and accessing my iCloud mail and shared calendars isn’t native. I can access via the web but the experience isn’t ideal.

I’ve grown too used to iOS and it might be my experience with it but I get so much more done quickly on it VS Android. Android to me feels naggy, between notifications being unintuitive to toggle and the Google assistant home (left of home page screen) throwing all sorts of content at me I’m feeling calmer back on iOS.

I’m glad I’ve done this experiment though and am using iOS with some more appreciation of why I used it in the first place.

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